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Starting Champagne Social Club, The Blog

by Brook-Lynn Lillard

Before I officially launched Champagne Social Club, the blog, I got a lot of questions from family and friends about blogging. Most didn’t understand why I wanted to do it or how I intended to eventually generate an income from blogging. Just like most young adults, I was searching for a purpose beyond motherhood & my 9-5 job. Writing has always been a mini passion of mine but I never gave it the attention it deserved. My goal is to be extremely transparent with you on my blogging journey when it comes to traffic, income, and growth. Feel free to let me know if you’re on this journey with me!

Below are the steps I took to launch this blog:

1. Research: I researched two main things, “how to start a blog” & “how to make money blogging”. Luckily, there is an entire community on YouTube & different blogs on these two topics. You can find step by step tutorials and income reports that show you first hand what you’re getting into. My main goal for research was to figure out if this was really something I could give my all too, & build into a brand.

2. Online courses: In my research, a lot of bloggers stressed online courses. Which makes sense because to be successful in anything, you have to be educated in that industry. Once I decided that blogging was for me, I purchased a blogging course from Udemy. This course walked me through exactly how to set up a self-hosted site, security, & other WordPress how to’s for beginners.

3. Layout: After I purchased the domain & finished registering everything, I was left with a blank site. The best content in the world would not survive without an eye-catching site. Now, the first route I took with designing my site was Etsy. There are vendors on Esty that sell self-installation word press themes. There are also vendors that will install themes for you. I opted for them to install for me. She installed the theme & I was not impressed. So ultimately I decided to hire a web designer to build my site from scratch (the site you see currently).

4. Monetization: The first step to monetizing your site is signing up for Google AdSense. I created my account & submitted my application for ads to appear on this site. Champagne Social Club is still under review.

5. Pinterest Course: Now that I started a blog, naturally I spent a lot of time scrolling through different sites. I came across this amazing Pinterest course that I am still navigating my way through. Pinterest is HUGE in the blogging world & I know virtually nothing about it.

6. Write: This goes without saying, but seriously, I started to write down whatever came to mind. A part of my writing process is having “writing days”. These are days where I’m feeling the most inspired & I will just write.

Your site is nothing without Building Content so #7 is where I am currently & where I will be for a while. My goal in life is to be a full-time entrepreneur & blogger. I’m so excited & terrified to be on this journey but there’s beauty in the process. Are you on a blogging journey or have questions about starting a blog? Feel free to send me a message!


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