How To Travel During COVID-19

I know, I know, cabin fever. I can’t lie, I had to stop myself from planning a vacation during this pandemic more times than I’d like to admit, BUT there are ways to stay safe when traveling.

1. Driving: If you choose a destination that is within driving distance, I personally believe that road trips are safer. The only time you will be exposed is when/if you stop for food & to use the bathroom. Packing sandwiches & snacks not only saves money but also limits your exposure to other people. Road trips are what you make it & you can most definitely make it fun!

2. Flying: If you fly, try to pick super early or super late departure times. You will have the most luck with the least amount of people in the airport & on your flight. Also, before you book your flight, mentally agree to only book a non-stop flight. No matter how cheap the connecting flights are, they are not worth the extra exposure. Regardless of your method of travel, always remember extra hand sanitizer, gloves, & masks.

3. Accommodations: Staying in an AirBnb or VRBO is the safest option. During the pandemic, a lot of short-term rental properties converted to “no contact check-in” which is perfect! This means you are not coming into contact with someone unnecessarily like you would in a hotel.

4. Excursions: Think of destinations where you can relax. Plan a beach day, go canoeing, or relax on a lazy river. Plan activities that are low contact and don’t require you to be in a group with strangers.

5. Quarantine: If you are inclined to vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic, try to limit the amount of people that are traveling with you. Ideally you should only travel with one other person and you both should quarantine or at least limit the amount of people you come in direct contact with for 2 weeks prior to your trip.

Everyone should understand the need to vacation, especially with the stress of the pandemic and the effects it has on our mental health. We all need a change of pace & scenery from time to time. The most important part is remembering to do your part in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Vacation responsibly and always be self-conscious when coming in contact with others. Safe travels!

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