Goal Writing For The New Year

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Do you feel like your New Years resolutions never get accomplished? Setting New Year resolutions can sound cliche however, if done correctly, can actually be really productive. Below I’ll give you my blue-print for how I set my yearly goals.  

As you may know, I’m married. My success is his & vice versa, so on New Years Eve every year we take the time to write down our goals. We call these our goal setting sessions & we give each other our undivided attention. We choose different categories & they don’t look the same every year. This year the categories are financials, family, & our own businesses. For reference last year’s categories were financials, location, & careers. We choose 3 categories every year because it’s impossible to focus on everything at once. If you attempt to work on 93 projects at once, you’re bound to fail in one. 

Because this year’s goals are currently being put into motion, I will use last year’s goals as an example. This is exactly how we wrote down our goals (excluding our personal information) & our path the get there. 

Last years goals: (Pay attention to the goal & the action to get there) 

  1. We will not live paycheck to paycheck. We will accomplish this by finding more ways to bring in income & get serious about our savings account. Any extra cash we have, will get deposited into the savings account. 
  2. We will move into a new home in a new city. We will accomplish this by researching new job opportunities for Brooke to relocate out of our current city. 
  3. We will both get a new job opportunity at a higher pay rate. Brooke will start applying to new jobs after Gianna is born & Antwon will sign with a different league. 

I find this way of goal writing beneficial because we’re not just stating what we want. We’re also stating what it’s going to take to get there. We’re really big on manifestation which is why we write as if we KNOW it’s going to happen. Every single goal for 2020 was accomplished even though we thought almost all of them were going to be put on the back burner because Gianna’s birth didn’t go quite as planned. 


Would you believe me if I said every goal was accomplished in a 4 month time frame? Like I said above, the birth of Gianna paused all normally for awhile & also the pandemic ended Antwon’s contract early. But the second we got her home from the hospital, we were able to focus. Everything we did we did with our goals in the back on my mind. We spoke about them weekly & embedded them into our way of life. This years goals are a little different because as my husband said during our goal setting session, “we’re going from minor league to the big league”. He means that they’re no longer scratching the surface. In 2021 we really have to grind for both of us to be 6 figure earners. Now that Mya will be 6 this year, we added specific goals for her. I think it’s important to give her a goal & help her work towards it. Her goal is to make an all-star cheer team.


I think one of the main factors that helps us accomplish goals is the fact that they’re not dreams. Your goals are supposed to help you achieve your dreams. We’re not writing down things like “we will be a million dollar household” because that’s not attainable, yet. We write down goals that can be accomplished in a one year timeframe. However, at each goal setting session we talk about our longterm goals. When we started to get serious about our relationship, we talked about where we saw ourselves. We developed dreams personally & as a couple. Year to year, those dreams haven’t changed. & year to year, we accomplish goals that get us to our dreams. Lastly, we always make sure to celebrate the wins BIG. Just like we reward Mya for doing well, we reward ourselves. We’re definitely a work hard, play hard type of family. The grind will always be worth it. For example when my husband signed his contract this past summer in a good league that more than doubled his income, we planned a staycation. (It was a staycation because Gianna was an infant & also the pandemic). It was my way of letting my husband know that his hard work will never go unnoticed. We went to dinner during our staycation & it was the perfect time to reflect on where we came from & where we’re going. Every time we scratch off a goal, it brings us so much closer. 

Although I’m married & my husband & I have a joint goal setting session, this process isn’t just reserved for couples. Write down your goals, state your path to accomplishing them, & get to work. All your actions should be geared towards achieving them. If you don’t have someone to hold you accountable, create a vision board & hang it in your bedroom. This way your goals are staring at you & waiting for you to achieve them. & don’t forget, celebrate the wins & forgive yourself for any failures, that ’s what life is about. 

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