7 things you need for a good girl's night

One thing we will ALWAYS be an advocate for is a good girl’s night! There’s truly nothing like gathering your closest girlfriends and taking a break from your everyday routine. Whether you plan monthly girl’s nights or have them every once in a while, you deserve to have a good time with your besties! Remember, having a good time doesn’t always require being out on the town. Below are 7 things you need to plan the perfect night in with the gals! 



1.     FOOD: This should go without saying but the right cuisine for the night will most definitely set the mood. You can have a potluck where everyone brings a dish or the host can provide all the food. Getting on the same page about what you and your girls will be eating is the absolute first step. Some of my favorite girl’s nights have honestly been the low maintenance get togethers where we just order take out. My perfect night “off” is not having responsibilities. 

2.     DRINKS: If you have a tipsy group like mine, then some type of alcohol is NEEDED! Sometimes we do wine but most of the time we’ll do cocktails. We also never forget to make anyone who may be with child feel left out. We will always make sure there’s sparkling cider readily available. For those groups that aren’t big into alcohol, creating a fun sangria mocktail is a fan favorite! Check out our post on the fan favorite by clinking below: 

3.     GAMES: What’s a good night in without games? Some people like the classics, (monopoly, uno, trouble, etc.) however, I love the games I’ve never played before. There a ton of games that will be conversation starters & having you questioning if you really know your friends! Check out our favorite Amazon games below! 

4.     PAJAMAS: Dress code should always = comfy! Remember, we want everyone to come in, relax, and have fun! The perfect way to set the mood for relaxation is for everyone to come in their PJ’s. My friends & I love to get matching PJ’s. We will wear them multiple times for multiple get togethers! 

5.     DESSERT: Dessert is separate from food because it deserves its own category. Midnight snacks are a MUST when dealing with a group of women. Even your most health conscious friend will appreciate something sweet throughout the night. An easy way to grab desserts is to go to your favorite grocery store & swing by their bakery section! 

6.     MUSIC/MOVIE: Whenever my friends come over, I always have music going in the background, especially during games and dinner. The perfect upbeat playlist will encourage everyone to relax and have fun. While we’re winding down, I’ll throw on NetFlix until we’re ready for bed or until everyone goes home. 

7.     BLANKETS: This might not be something you’ve thought of before but I love me a good blanket during girl’s night! I like to be comfy and relaxed and most of the time, that involves a blanket for me. Depending on my group size, I’ll request everyone to bring their own blanket. That way we can all snuggle on the couch and enjoy our night! 

Tell me about your favorite girl’s night or something you & your friends love to do when you get together for a chance to be featured in this article!

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