6 Bachelorette Must Have’s

6 bachelorette party must haves

By: Brook-Lynn L.

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How do you celebrate a single woman transitioning into a married woman? By throwing her a badass bachelorette party, DUH! Bachelorette parties or trips are by far my favorite wedding tradition. There’s nothing better than getting your bridal party together one last time before your bride say’s “I Do” to her new partner! 

Over the years, or social media years, we’ve seen bachelorette parties turn into full blown vacations. From the trips out of the country to the nights out on the town, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate your bride’s big day! Here are some bachelorette party must haves that will satisfy everyone’s bachelorette plans! 

1.     Something that screams BRIDE: This can be a sash, a crown/hat, a custom purse, a shirt, or even custom jewelry. When your bride walks in the room, everyone should know that it’s her celebration! Check out WHAT TO BUY or click the pic below for a cute BRIDE branded sweatshirt or t-shirt! 

2.     Decorations: A party is nothing without decorations! If you’re going on a trip, decorate the Brides hotel room or AirBNB! If you’re staying local, decorate the bride’s house day of OR the meeting location. The perfect décor sets the mood!

3.     Games: What’s a party without games? I listed my favorite Amazon bachelorette trip games below! 

4.     Party Favors: Everyone loves a good party favor. It’s a cute and thoughtful way to remember the occasion. My favorite are tumblers, t-shirts, shot glasses, fanny packs, & koozies. Check out our favorite Etsy pages below for bachelorette party favors! 

5.     An itinerary: Itineraries are so important when trying to get a group of people on the same schedule. If you’re going on a trip, your itinerary should map out each day with excursion times & possible restaurant reservation times. If you’re staying local for a night out, your itinerary should map out all the places your group will hit with beginning and ending times. Your bride will appreciate you so much for having the night organized and well thought out. Etsy has so many cute bachelorette party editable printable! 

6.     Pictures: Sounds cliché but pictures are literally worth everything to a Bride. There’s no better way to remember her night and the support she was given during her transition into becoming a Mrs. than to take 938992736 pictures! Ok, maybe not 938992736 but definitely enough to fill an album that she can cherish forever. 

Have any other bachelorette must have ideas? Comment below for your idea to be featured! 


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