50 Habits To Start in 2021


It’s a new year which means it’s the perfect time to become a better version of yourself. The best thing about life is that there is always room for self-improvement. Identifying area’s of your life that need a little TLC, can give you the boost in productivity that you need. Check below for 50 habits to start in 2021! 

1. Drink more water

2. Call your grandparents once a week

3. Put money in your savings account every time you get paid 

4. Spend more time alone

5. Write downpour feelings

6. Take daily vitamins

7. Disconnect from the internet for 24 hours

8. Disconnect from the internet once a week 

9. Eat healthier 

10. Plan more stay-cations 

11. Budget your money 

12. Network 

13. Work hard, play harder 

14. Cut back on caffeine 

15. Cook at home 

16. Work out at least once a week

17. Don’t skip your doctor appointments 

18. Create do to lists 

19. Eat vegetables everyday 

20. Start a book club with your friends

21. Try a new recipe once a month

22. Reward yourself when you accomplish a goal

23. Make time for self care

24. Eat breakfast 

25. Let go of things you can’t change

26. Take the steps as opposed to the elevator 

27. Have more girls nights

28. Be on time 

29. Go on solo dates 

30. Love yourself more


31. Wake up early 

32. Do a good deed weekly 

33. Drink more tea 

34. Act with compassion 

35. Take naps 

36. Clean your room daily 

37. Drink less alcohol
38. Read all your emails

39. Take responsibility 

40. Say no more often

41. Set weekly goals 

42. Participate in community service 

43. Learn investments 

44. Give back 

45. Keep your work space organized 

46. Don’t judge others 

47. Practice gratitude 

48. Use sunscreen

49. Push yourself beyond expectations 

50. Choose happiness, every time 

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