5 Things To Remember When Having Out Of Town Wedding Guests

5 things to remember when having out of town wedding guests

1. Get a hotel room block: 

From experience, the best way to make sure that all of your out of town guests have a place to stay is to book a hotel room block. If you don’t know what this is, it’s pretty much a way to reserve however many rooms you may need for your guests without having to worry about the hotel being completely booked by the time your guests are ready to book their room. You get a start and end date to give your guests and they are able to go online to reserve their room within that time frame. This eliminates the stress of your guests having to worry about finding a place to stay in an area they know nothing about. The worst is when Aunt Mary is 50 minutes from the venue. The hotel that you choose may also give a discount when you reserve the block so your guests would pay below market rate. I’ve also found that this is the best way to keep all of your guests in one general area, making it easier for you to see everyone in case you decide to get together for any other reasons outside of the wedding day. 


2. Print out directions to all locations:

Most of us have some form of GPS at this point in time however, it is an extremely thoughtful and stress-relieving idea to provide detailed directions to and from all of the locations that you are expecting your guests to travel to. (Like to and from the airport to the hotel, to your church/venue, from the hotel and back, etc.) This takes away the worry of your guests not knowing exactly where they are going or how long travel time may be. Remember, your out of town guests have already made arrangements to attend your wedding, it’s your job to make the experience as worry-free as possible!

3. Make a list of all nearby food options:

I’ve definitely had my fair share of spending a whole weekend in an unfamiliar place for a wedding and finding myself on Google looking for nearby places to get breakfast, lunch or a late night snack. This is something that easily gets overlooked since you are providing food at your wedding. It’s still important to form a list of quick food spots or even restaurants, just in case your guests are hungry on their own time and want to grab something. Gas also! If your guests are renting cars or driving in on their own, it’s a good idea to let them know where there are some convenient locations to stop and fill up their gas tank or grab a drink/snack.


4. Organize non-wedding related activities: 

 Even though the sole reason for your guests traveling is for your wedding, if they’re staying for a few days it’s like a mini vacation for them. It’s always smart to have other things for them to do when there aren’t any wedding activities going on. Planning out a few activities for your guests to do is a thoughtful idea to make sure they aren’t bored. (Remember, you don’t have to be present for these activities. If there aren’t any specific activities you can think of, list some bars, clubs/lounges, pool halls, or fun hang outs that you like to go to, to kill time! It’ll help your out of town guests remember your wedding weekend that much more!

5. Create an itinerary: 

The worst thing ever is when you arrive in a new city and realize you have absolutely no idea what to do or what’s next. Your guests end up scrambling around trying to think of people to contact (which usually ends up being the bride or groom) to get the information they need to get to the correct places at the correct time. I’ve also experienced half of the guests being told about extra plans or after parties and the other half being upset because they never got the invite. Taking time to plan things out, and sending out a weekend itinerary is a solid idea. In addition to the invitation, an itinerary, avoids you being stressed at the last minute because you’re answering a million phone calls! Tips 1-4 are easy adds to an itinerary. Pro Tip: Email a copy of the itinerary 30 days in advance & have the hotel leave a copy in their rooms! 

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