15 Things To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

As a mom of 2, I rarely get time to myself. But when I did, I used to waste it by doing nothing. Sometimes, nothing is exactly what the doctor ordered but as moms & women, we can’t forget to feed our souls & our inner womanhood. I used to be 100% guilty of getting a little free time, wasting it, & then complaining about not having time to do things for myself. Below are my self-care activities that I do, when I have nothing to do.

  • Write down your inner thoughts: Writing is extremely therapeutic to me (hence this blog) so when there’s a free few minutes, I’ll pull out my phone or MacBook and jot down however I’m feeling. Sometimes putting my thoughts on paper staring back at me is the therapy I need to get me through the day. 
  • Treat yourself to a mani/pedi: There’s something about a fresh mani & pedi that brightens my day. If I have time to go to the nail salon, I will always push to be pampered but I don’t mind pulling out my supplies & doing my nails myself! A mini self-care session is bound to lighten up your day. 
  • Take a long bath: Just the thought of soaking in the tub with a large glass of wine & locking the door excites me. Light a few candles, turn on a portable speaker, & just imagine that you’re on a solo vacation. Your soul will thank you for it. I love to do this if I can get my kids sleep by a decent time: I soak the day away & go to bed fully relaxed with a clear mind. 
  • Netflix & chill, by yourself: Having young children who occupy what’s on the TV screen at all times will have you singing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all day long. There’s nothing like snuggling in bed, alone, & catching up on your favorite shows. But don’t forget the snacks … & wine. 
  • Indulge in a little retail therapy: I can’t lie, when life gets tough, I indulge in retail therapy a little too much but there’s just something so therapeutic about purchasing something that is all for you. Mom’s often forget to do for themselves. There’s nothing wrong with ordering a couple pair of jeans or the latest electronic you’ve had your eye on. You deserve it! 
  • Learn Yoga: Yoga is an activity that you have to be fully committed to in order for it to be beneficial. Meaning, you have to be willing to find your inner self to truly relax & meditate. YouTube has a lot of beginner Yoga videos from professional instructors. 
  • Grab a lunch with a friend: This is the activity I didn’t realize that I needed. Getting together with a friend, eating a good meal (that I didn’t cook) & complaining about my kids, has become my favorite pastime. 
  • Read a book: Reading feeds my soul because it allows me to dive into a world that I’m not apart of. Pick up that book that you’ve been meaning to read. 
  • Move around your living room: Shake up your daily routine & move that couch to the other side of the living room. There’s something about changing things up that creates positive energy. 
  • Go on walk/jog: Get a little exercise in alone & watch your thoughts leave your body. Exercise is good for body & mind. 
  • Watch YouTube: I love me a good YouTube channel. I watch a variety of channels like how-to’s, family channels, blogging channels, & product reviews. YouTube is both entertaining & educational. 
  • Work on your passion: Always always always, find time for your craft even if you feel like it’s a dream of the past. It was once a dream because it was your passion. Passions keeps us going, never let it die. 
  • Get take out from your favorite restaurant: Now, before you say it, I know it’s hard to get take out & not buy for everyone else in your household. However, this is about you. Order from your fav spot & eat in the car. As long as you throw away the evidence prior to entering your house, no one will ever know 🙂