10 Side Hustles You Should Take Seriously


Every now & again we all get in a position where we need to make quick cash. Sometimes committing to a part-time job on top of our everyday job just simply is not an option. The truth is, there are a lot of opportunities to make extra cash if you put forth the effort. Below are 10 easy ways to earn cash quick! 

1. Dog Walking: If you love dogs & you have some free time early morning, mid-day, or late in the evening, dog walking is a pretty easy way to earn extra money. Now, you probably will not become a millionaire (unless you’re walking Tom Brady’s dog) but you should be able to supplement your income by at least $500 a month by walking a few furry friends.

2. Bartending: I bartended in college & it was the perfect college hustle for me. The bar I worked at allowed bartenders to pick up shifts at any time, so I didn’t have to work a minimum amount of hours a week. Bars are usually open until 2-3AM so it is easy to fit it around most 9AM-5PM job. 

3. Instacart/Door Dash/Uber/Lyft: If you own a vehicle (& a good driving record), one of these programs should be easy for you to apply too. They all have the same premise: you are either driving customers to their destination or bringing them food. You can start & stop whenever you want which is the best part.

4. Social Media Manager: Are you a bomb Instagrammer? (Totally made that word up) Find a small business & ask if you can run their social media pages for a monthly fee. As a contract service, you will not be on their payroll but paid via invoice each month. Small business owners jump at the chance to hand off social media responsibilities. This is also a pretty cool add to your resume!

5. Blogging: Do you have a lot of useful information trapped in your head or do you love writing? Start a blog! You can start a blog in minutes & it is pretty easy to monetize. You can work on your blog whenever it is convenient for you. Only have time between 12AM-5AM? Pull your computer out & start writing!


6. YouTube: Is your life interesting? Start a vlog channel on YouTube? If you have an iPhone or smart phone, then you already have the means to start a YouTube. You do not need special skills to start talking into the camera!

7. Date night babysitter: As a mom of 2, it is so nice to have 2 reliable date night sitters. If your evenings are free, find 10 families to babysit for. At least 10 families should keep your calendar full each month!

8. Cleaning: Cleaning is probably the easiest way to get extra cash because everyone has been taught how to clean. Also, small business would love to hire someone to clean their store front!

9. Tutoring: You do not have to be a math wiz to tutor kids. With the given pandemic, parents will pay to have someone work on virtual learning & homework with their elementary aged kids. Helping kids during virtual learning gives you the opportunity to learn the topic & then help re-teach the student!

10. Online Surveys: I saved this one for last because I honestly never understood how it worked, however there are millions of people online that complete online surveys for cash & gift cards! This one will take some research to find a reputable online company.

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